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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions at julendo. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for here. If your request is more specific - use our contact form and send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Questions about ordering

Do I need a user account?

No, you can also order as a guest. You can download your patterns immediately after payment and you will also receive a download link by email

A user account has several advantages. After registration you can:

  • View previous orders
  • Download your purchased patterns at a later date
  • the stored cut always corresponds to the most current version.
    For example, if the size set of a cut is extended again,
    or the PDF is provided in another format, you automatically have access to the new version via your customer account
  • change your stored data, such as address
  • Add pattern to your wishlist

How do I get my julendo pattern?

All patterns are available either as a PDF download or as a combination product (PDF download and paper pattern).

All downloads are available for download after payment. You will also receive an individual download link via email after your order.

With user account you will also receive a download link via
E-mail. You can also download your patterns at any time in your
Download your user account. You will always have access to the
latest version of the pattern available. Is there a
If you later want to add more sizes to one of your purchased patterns, for example, you will automatically have access to them.

If you order a combination product, you will also receive the pattern plotted on a sturdy sheet of paper including colored sewing instructions by post.

I didn't receive a confirmation email - what do I do now?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for emails to be delivered.
Otherwise, please also check the spam folder in your email account.
Your confirmation may have landed there by mistake. (Add
us in your email address book so that in the future this will not
more happens)

If you do not find an email from us there, perhaps
There is a typo in your email address. If you have created a user account, you can check this there.

If none of this solves your problem, please send us a message using our contact form . We will get back to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

What happens with my data?

We understand that your data is valuable and
handle it responsibly. You can find detailed information on how we process your data in our privacy policy.

Can I change my address or email?

If you are a registered user, you can view your stored data in your customer account at any time and adjust it yourself if necessary.

When do shipping costs apply?

Free shipping inside of Germany.

Within the EU we charge a flat shipping fee of €4.99 including VAT.

Shipping outside the EU is currently not available.

Of course, there are never any shipping costs for download-only orders.

Questions about the pattern

How can I buy a pattern?

You can easily order our patterns in our online shop
Your pattern will be available for download after successful payment and - if you have registered - will be made available in your customer account.

With a combination product, you will also receive your pattern plotted out and with colored sewing instructions by post.

Ordering by other means (post, telephone, email, etc.) is not available.

Will I receive the pattern by mail?

We offer all articles as a download-only product in PDF format
or as a combination product (PDF pattern and paper pattern).

For combination products, you receive the pattern not only as
Download, but also as a plotted paper sheet including colored sewing instructions by post.

Where can I find my digital patterns?

Without a user account, you will receive a
individual download link via email. There you can
Download pattern.

With user account you will also receive a download link via
E-mail. You can also download your patterns at any time in your
Download user account under "Downloads".

What does a pattern include?

In addition to your digital pattern (in all specified sizes), you will also receive detailed sewing instructions as a PDF and further information on how to adjust your pattern if necessary.

For combination products, you will also receive the pattern plotted on a sturdy sheet of paper including the colored sewing instructions by post.

What do I need to consider when printing and assembling the pattern?

Applies to patterns in A4 format:

Please make sure that you print the pattern without scaling (100% or "whole page" or a similar expression in your printer menu). All patterns contain a "check box". Here you can also check whether the settings were correct when printing.
If you are unsure, we recommend printing just one page first to check the settings.

All patterns have marking points where you can join the individual sides of your pattern together.

Where can I present my sewn items and get inspiration from others?

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram - there you can not only present your sewn patterns, but also connect and exchange ideas with other sewing enthusiasts.

Can I sell items sewn from julendo patterns?

Our patterns are for private use only.
If you sell sewn items based on our patterns
you need a commercial license for each pattern.
Send us a message with your request and we will send you all further information.

Questions about the newsletter

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

To always be up to date with news and new releases, you can register for our newsletter here. After registering, you will receive an email in which you must confirm your registration so that we can be sure that you really wanted to register.

Why do I receive the newsletter?

You will only receive the newsletter if you register for it
and have confirmed your registration again. With our newsletter you will always be informed about newly arrived patterns and will be the first to hear about all the latest news.

You can of course unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

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