Clever tricks for zipper repair – it's child's play!

We all know the annoyance: the zipper on your favorite jacket is stuck or even broken. But before you have to give up and replace your beloved clothes, we have some clever tricks for you to repair your zipper. With these tips, you can not only save your favorite pieces, but also save money.

1. Lightly lubricate stuck zippers:

Whether it's a winter coat or a sleeping bag - a stuck zipper can be caused by rough hooks or a worn-out zipper. To fix this, you can use hand soap or graphite. A soft pencil run over the teeth of the zipper makes them supple and your zipper will glide effortlessly again.

Clever tricks for zipper repair

2. Bring worn-out sliders back into shape:

If the slider is worn out, you can use pliers to carefully press the long sides together. Be careful to do this carefully so as not to render the slider unusable.

3. Slider has slipped out: Remove metal clip and reinforce:

If the slider accidentally slips out, there is often a metal clip at the end of the zipper. Carefully remove this and thread the slider back in. To prevent it from slipping out again, you can reinforce the metal clip with a needle and thread.

4. Broken zipper – key ring as a simple solution:

A broken zipper doesn't have to mean the end. Simply thread a key ring through the eyelet of the slider to continue using the zipper. Alternatively, a paper clip or a piece of cord can also serve as a replacement.

5. Additional repair tips:

  • Carefully straighten bent teeth with pliers.
  • If a tooth is missing in the lower area, sew the area up with needle and thread - the garment will still be wearable even if the zipper no longer opens completely.
  • Broken zipper? Simply replace it with the zipper from an old piece of clothing.
  • Close zippers before washing them in the washing machine to make them last longer.

With these clever tricks, you can easily repair your zipper yourself and continue to enjoy your favorite clothes. Try it out and not only save money, but also the environment!

Repair zipper

Good luck with the repair!

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